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A look at Ipage web hosting should immediately reveal to you the level of success this host provider has achieved in the last three years, ipage hosting currently regarded as one of the most successful hosting sites in history, primarily because of the heights it has achieved in the past three years. Despite the fact that Ipage hosting has been operating since 1998, its current surge of popularity can be traced to its relaunch in 2009, during which this Endurance international group product took the world by storm, EIG being the company responsible for similarly if not more successful hosts such as fatcow, Bluehost, Hostmonster, VPSlink, Hostgator and many more. It was the time when EIG was buying out every popular web hosting company out there. Though, there are some web hosts that have made a mark on their own accord without the backing of a strong investment such that of EIG. One such name is Siteground hosting. You can check out the details about the company, along with their plans and discounts at this Siteground Coupon link. Another successful non-EIG host is A2Hosting. Click on A2 Hosting coupons page.

Some have been known to knock Ipage down for only offering a single hosting plan, yet many an ipage review have commended the ipage essential hosting plan for the unlimited and efficient shared hosting packages it provides, crafted to meet the diverse needs of many of its customers.

Ipage features do not really differ that greatly from those offered by any other host, usually including unlimited packages such as:

  • Unlimited storage, bandwidth, domains
  • Unlimited MYSQL databases, web mail and FTP accounts
  • Applications with one click installations
  • Free marketing credits

It is worth pointing out that despite the unlimited packages Ipage and other hosts have been known to boast of, there is no such thing as a truly unlimited offering, seeing as even the unlimited storage that Ipage offers is dependent and restricted by the available server resources. While Ipage indeed places no restrictions on the storage or bandwidth offerings in its plan, its terms and conditions clearly spell out the potential for having one’s account restrained, especially when its operations exceed expected levels, eventually impeding the optimum operation of the server. Though the host does specify that such constraints are only ever executed in the case of file sharing and storage sites, ipage clearly unsuited to executing this functions optimally.

Unlimited or not, this hosting service none the less stands out with ridiculously attractive ipage pricing; it is true, the occasional ipage coupon aside, the discounts offered are so random as to be inimical to your resources; but while the actual prices offered might differ from what is displayed on many review sites or even the official websites, there is no denying the fact that ipage prices are some of the lowest for the services offered. Godaddy has been posing quite a competition to iPage with its $1 hosting plan. In fact Go Daddy is the only popular web host that has hosting starting price lower than that of iPage. Get Godaddy Coupon here.

All this comes down to a bit of simple logic. Technically most if not all hosting firms provide the exact same features to their customers; if this is the case then the tie breaker here becomes pricing – which host offers the most attractive pricing for the best services available? And here Ipage always comes out ahead at an average of $1.99. Other companies under the EIG umbrella, like Bluehost have also reduced the prices of their hosting services but even with a discount, the best offer is $2.95/month. You can get this price with one of the Bluehost Coupons easily available online.

With a 99% recorded uptime and favorably performing systems, the popularity of Ipage hosting can be justified as such:
Cost- Here is the thing, it isn’t just that ipage is cheap, because there are hundreds of cheap services in the world offering some of the shoddiest hosting services around. Where Ipage stands out is that it is so cheap while still remaining reliable.

Most hosts will boast of money back guarantee schemes after a period of 30-45 days. Ipage takes it a step further, offering ‘Anytime money back guarantees’ basically providing you the opportunity to pull out of your subscription at any time you feel like it, while receiving a refund of your money; making ipage basically risk free.

Ipage has one of the most user friendly control panels in the business, making it first choice for those persons new to the world of web designing and hosting.

And who can forget about Ipage’s environmentally friendly stance and its determination to operate wholly on renewable energy; overall a look at ipage will reveal a hosting service both cheap and reliable, lacking in server upgrade options, might irritate your with its software offers, yet always coming through with regards to performance.

If you would like to explore some other web hosts, especially one outside the list of EIG companies, we wouls recommend you look at Hostpapa. Here is a link to Hostpapa Coupon that you can use as a starting point for the review and offers related to Host Papa Hosting.

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